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A day in the life of a partying prehistoric predator
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Monday, February 23rd, 2009
4:02 pm
Reuniting with the Airwaves and Dedications
As most of you know, the Time Machine Show returns to the air tonight as per its regular schedule. Details on how to tune in are at http://www.planetfurry.com/users/sonicblu/. I will be running a dedication show for those that have recently departed. Among the list of those being remembered are:

Forrest J. Ackerman-
I've known Forry going quite some time back, and although we knew his time was coming, we still had a difficulty in accepting the news of his loss. Forrest J. Ackerman was a tremendous man, helping millions get on their way to a literary and movie-making career. He was the editor of Famous Monsters of Filmland, and have starred in many horror and science fiction films. He and I are both very close friends with Carla Laemmle, actress in the original Dracula (1931) and a prima ballerina dancer in Phantom of the Opera (1925). When I heard the news, I immediately called Carla and talked to her for a while, which was a great stroke of comfort for the both of us. Forry was quite the collector of science fiction memorabilia, and everyone saw Forry as their own uncle, for his advice, his help, and his concerns.

Patrick "Furp" Reed-
The furry community mourned the abrupt passing of Furp, a very well-respected fur amongst thousands of people, from those that didn't know him well enough but really wanted to, to those whom he had offered first aid when they needed it. Furp was also the type of guy that knew how to party and when, and never held any grudges against anyone for any reason. He always wished the best for the welfare of each and every one of us, and went above and beyond the call of duty to offer aid and help wherever it was needed. He was only 29.

Sam was a guy that constantly came into the record store when I worked there as an energetic teen, and I recall the many times he would come in to visit my boss, Doug, and we would all have a great time joking about things and playing some awesome guitar licks. Sam was recently removed from this earth by his own hand, as he committed suicide shortly after being prescribed sleep medications, which may have had a serious impact on his suicidal decision. Sam was very well respected, and was a supreme fan of music of many types, mostly classic rock and roll. Friends and loved ones of Sam's deeply mourned his loss, for he was more than a friend to some, and an all-around great guy.

Molly Bee-
Molly Bee was a very talented country singer, who started her singing career at age 10. She made her way to the Tennessee Ernie Ford Show, where she became a regular guest. Her voice was fantastic and her humor brought smiles to the many people that she worked with. I first met Molly Bee precisely one year ago. I was very eager to meet her, for I had listened to her music and loved the sound of her magnificent voice. She was a constant guest on the Tennessee Ernie Ford show, as well as Melody Ranch and I believe she was also on a couple episodes of Hee Haw, though I may be mistaken about that one. When I met with Molly Bee, I had nothing but great things to say about the experience. She was quite busy meeting with fans and friends alike, but she still had enough time set aside to hang out with me and relive some of those old memories by showing her some Youtube videos of her performances. She was very impressed with how much I admired her, and the visit we had with one another was indeed one to remember for eons to come. Recently, Ms. Bee died of a stroke at 69 years of age.

These people all meant something to me, and it really hurts when someone you love or admire is gone, but when multiple people in your life start to go, it doesn't make the pain of their loss that much easier to take. However, we must remember the people that we once knew, admired, and loved with fond memories of their existence on this earth and what they meant to us all. Then, think of them in a much better, more peaceful place, free of pain and worriment, and allow that thought to bring us relief. True that they will still be missed here on Earth, but we shall all reunite together at one point in time when it comes our turn to make that crossover into the afterlife, where we shall become one with those we loved and appreciated in life.

I hope to have a decent outcome in listener ratio for tonight's show. I will also be turning to the listeners for any words that they would like to impart onto anyone they've ever lost in life. If you've missed the link before, details on how to tune into the Time Machine Show are on the home page, left-hand navigation panel under the Planet Furry server on http://www.planetfurry.com/users/sonicblu. Feel free to tune in, post a message to my IM about anyone you wish to remember and any fond memories you've had, and come together with other listeners in the times of tragedy and loss. I, as well as the ones that have departed us, will most appreciate it.

Forrest J. Ackerman
November 24, 1916 – December 4, 2008

Molly Bee
August 18, 1939 – February 7, 2009

Patrick "Furp" Reed
November 8, 1979 – February 18, 2009

Thursday, February 19th, 2009
6:14 pm
Farewell to a good friend (In loving memory of Patrick "Furp" Reed)
I awoke this morning to check my FA messages, and received some very disturbing news about a good friend of mine and many others. His name was Furp. He was 29. Furp was more than a great friend, he was a godsend. At conventions, he was part of first aid staff, and really did his job greatly. Just recently, Furp was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident, perpetrated by a drunk driver in Twentynine Palms, California. He died at the scene of the accident. As hard as it is to take what happened to him, I still have to question, "why did it have to be Furp?" He didn't do anything to deserve such an abrupt end. Because of some drunk driver's negligence, it ended up taking the life of someone that did not deserve to go.

Seeing how great of a friend he was to many, Furp will be greatly missed. I know I'll never forget about him and all the help he offered in helping make everybody's fur con experience a safe and happy one. Rest in peace, my friend. May you always find what you are looking for beyond Heaven's gate.

I'll never forget you.

Current Mood: sad
Thursday, December 25th, 2008
7:42 am
Does this sound like you on Christmas Day?
O' holy shit! It's Christmas once again!
It is the day of going into debt.
Let's pay the world in gifts and old fruitcake.
Man with a beard had come to your house today.
No time to rest, the children open presents,
And mother cooks a fresh and scrumptious meal.
Got on my knees! I begged them keep it down!
O hangover, last night when booze was drank;
O no, O holy shit , O not again!
O no, O holy shit , O not again!

Led by the smell of fresh apple pie baking,
With hungriness I will follow it down.
Into the den, where I will feel to perish,
In comes the family from far away o'er the land.
The toys of kids lay in piles and pieces;
And all that noise comes through my den door.
They know my need, for sleeping is no option,
Arise, thee Dad! Arise now, sleepyhead!
Arise, thee Dad! Arise now, sleepyhead!

Truly there's got to be some other way,
My head it aches, and rips me piece by piece.
Pills I will take, for the pain is getting worse.
And in my den, all my family shall come.
Loud sounds of toys with children playing finds me,
With no respect, they play their loudest ones.
Cripes! Let me sleep! The light, it really blinds me,
Hangover and headache, I will complain!
Hangover and headache, I will complain!

--- On the other hand, ---
--- if you feel good enough to face the day, ---
--- then listen to what I have to say ---

We all know that Christmas waits for no man with a hangover. As such, we must be at our best to help ring in the Christmas spirit in our households, even if there is but a tiniest spark thereof to set the yuletide aglow. Christmas isn't always toys or games or apple pie, a mountain of food, a letter of apology to your diet, or a stockpile of gifts and offerings. Christmas is the love, the thanks, the giving and receiving, and the togetherness. It is the day of our Lord in Jesus's name. It's a time for thought and to be thought of. It is the time for forgiveness--a time for many a rejoycing. And so, in high hopes for the future, and for you and yours, here's hoping everyone out there has a very merry Christmas this year. It may be nice to get lots of goodies and eat plenty this year. For those that go without the above will need some Christmas cheer, too. Share this holiday with everyone you know by wishing them a very special and happy Christmas--every one and all. After all, it's that one spark of thoughtfulness from others that sets off fireworks in the eyes of friends, family, loved ones, and even people you may not really know that well. So, make this a Christmas worth all its weight in the many years' worth of fruitcake you've ever seen in your life...make that call to someone you know, write that email to someone so very far away, or drop in on that visit to local friends and family today. Your gift of concerin, good will, good company, and acknowledgement onto others is a great gift in and of itself. May every single one out there have a Christmas to be proud of this year, and know that I am thinking about each and every one of you out there, and wishing you and yours the very best.
Sunday, October 12th, 2008
2:36 pm
An Update (Time Machine Show and Miscellaneous)
As most of you may or may not know, The Time Machine Show is back online and in full swing of things. Many apologies for the lateness of my posting. (After a few months of being out of commission, one tends to misplace the usual routine.)

I would also like to mention about a few upcoming events for the show.

On October 22nd, The Time Machine Show will be celebrating its fifth year anniversary for being on the air, so during the week of October 20th - 24th for the first two hours of showtime, I will be playing down some of my old Time Machine demo tapes that were made eleven years ago for a local radio station called CD 104. These tapes (which were mentioned on my Wikifur page) were made to get my foot in the radio broadcasting door, and I have not heard these tapes since they were made. I'm kind of interested to revise the old demo tapes to see how they compare to the show in this day and age.

From the 27th - 31st of October, The Time Machine Show will be running its Halloween Hype series, featuring the haunted hits and spooky tunes that will lead us into the Halloween season.

In other news, since I got my laptop back up and running again, I've been needing to play catch-up with my regular routine, but there are other things that need to be done. First of all, many of you may not have noticed that the Official Time Machine Show Website is down due to the domain name sonicblu.net running past expiration. The website is found at its old location at http://www.planetfurry.com/users/sonicblu until Sonicblu.net is back up and running again. Unfortunately, SonicBlu's Realm will not be uploaded there due to the slim amount of space and the Time Machine Official Website taking up all the real estate. I'm still unsure how long it will take to get my domain name finalized and ready, but you can still view the old web site in its temporary location until things return to normal.

In checking out the ol' LiveJournal for the first time in a long while, I decided enough time has gone by without a sign or word. After falling out of the updating loop for a couple months while being out of town and having a computer malfunction/replacement, one tends to fall out of a regular routine trying to play catch-up with everything.

Things with me and Halfshell are doing okay so far. Still trying to find him a job, while waiting for his 401K check from Pizza Hut to arrive so we can get most of these bills paid off. Not been fun in that department, but we do what we can with what we've got.

I wound up heading back to Kansas City to work with Halfshell on bringing him up to Columbus, which was successful as of August. While I was down in KS, my laptop was in the shop at Best Buy for repairs. I was planning on having the repairs fixed by the time I headed back down to Kansas. There was no word from Geek Squad for an entire month, and during the recent time I was in Kansas, I was without internet or a computer. It was decided that I was to return to Columbus with Halfshell in tow, and seeing what could be done with the roommate situation here in Columbus. Both me and Spyke have been tossing the idea back and forth whether we were to stay or split, and we decided to give it one more shot. As far as I know, I'm back in Columbus to stay for a while, assuming everything starts working out with the income situations.

Upon my return to Columbus, I returned to Best Buy to inquire about the status of my computer's repair--which I still never received a callback. According to Hewlett-Packard, I was entitled to receive an exchange on a brand new computer since my other one was still under warranty, and there was just way too many malfunctions with the other one. After getting the new computer running, I took an extra couple weeks to get all the programs reinstalled and my radio broadcaster reconfigured and updated, Finally, I was ready to come back on the air. Now I'm trying to get back into a regular routine of things, like revising some of my old posting places like LiveJournal. It's all a matter of falling back into a routine once again, and making the necessary announcements about my current situations. Being a couple months out of the loop really tends to make a person feel like a lost little child wandering around the empty halls of Home Depot wondering what to do next.

Another thing I'll need to start doing is work on my Greatest Hits albums, which I want to push for a November release in time for the holidays. Since sonicblu.net is down, I won't be able to make the necessary updates there, but at least I still have LJ. I'll update again when I get closer to releasing the albums and what songs will be featured.

That's about all I have to report this time around. Once again, I apologize for the many months of delay on posting about the Time Machine's return, and also for the long delay in updating my journal. Stay tuned for this locality for further updates, and I'll see you on the flip side!
Wednesday, June 18th, 2008
2:38 pm
What I've been up to as of late
I know it's been quite some time since I was able to post in any of my online journals that did not regard my radio show scheduling, but I definitely wanted to post what I've been up to as of late. Bear with me if this gets too long.

About 3 years ago, I met Halfshell online through my parody songs. We started chatting and getting to know one another, and it wasn't long thereafter when we developed a sense of closeness between one another. We decided to give a relationship a try. Albeit, our closeness was there, the love and affection was strong, but our living situations were putting us both under tremendous stress. After deciding perhaps we should distance ourselves until we're ready to progress further in our relationship, we had about a year's worth of down-time to sort out our feelings and situations. As it turned out, Halfshell was between living arrangements and was unable to show up online to keep in touch. I thought I had lost him, and he thought he had scared me off. As he re-established himself in a different living environment, he also underwent an incredible change for the better. I've noticed that he was now more open to affections and he seemed a lot more responsible and a lot less stressed. We got to talking about what we've both been up to during our hiatus and decided that we still felt strongly for one another. I reassured him that I have not stopped thinking about him or stopped loving him, even during our down-time. We confirmed that we are still in fact in a relationship and our love for each other has been a lot stronger than it ever was.

Recently, I made a trip to Kansas City where he lives. We both agreed that once a year of seeing one another was definitely not enough, so I took a month stay down there to spend some quality time with him. The moment I got with him, I knew in my heart that we were going to click very well together, and there was no doubt in my mind that we would be very happy together when we move in to be with each other.

While I was there, we talked of our future, saw the sights together, I got to meet his roommates and family, and we went out to a local bar for Karaoke. Albeit, I was the only one in the group that got up on stage to sing, but that didn't matter to me. As long as I had Halfshell with me, I was happy. One of the places I really enjoyed going to was the T-Rex Cafe. If anyone is a fan of dinosaurs and animatronics, this is the ideal spot to see. The first time I went there, it was to celebrate my belated birthday. It was a small gathering, as only Vikie (AKA Loafer) and Halfshell were along during this dinner, but I still had a great time. I took video footage of the T-Rex Cafe, some of which I intend on arranging together to be put up online, although Halfshell and Loafer both requested that nothing be put up online that depicts them in the shot, so out of respect for their privacy, I will only be posting scenery shots and videos.

During this month, me and Halfshell really spent a great deal of time developing our love for each other and making future plans together. I gave him every bit of reassurance that he will never be lonely in this world again, so long as I have a heart that beats within my chest. To prove our hearts and intentions true and trustworthy, we went to the Great Plains Mall to pick up a matching pair of promise rings, which we intended on exchanging at another T-Rex Cafe gathering, only this time, we were planning on a bigger crowd to attend. We also planned on having matching dog tags either for our collars or to be worn around our necks as charms on a necklace to show that we are both devoted to one another and that we are definitely not open to outside love interests or sexual encounters. (Sorry, folks. I'm taken and devoted. Cuddling with others is fine, however, but mine and Halfshell's lips, our bodies, and our hearts and souls are the sole property of each other.)

Before I left Kansas City, I knew I had to leave behind my absolute promise to him in a symbol that will constantly remind us and show the world that we are devoted and happy together. We had a nice ring-exchanging ceremony at the T-Rex Cafe. Loafer showed up along with Northpaw, Ratty, Ruke Firestorm, and his friend (Brian, I think his name was.) After the dinner was done, I removed the ring I wore on my finger since we got them, and he removed his. I stated that with this ring, I give him my word and promise to always love and cherish him, remain devoted and true to him, and never let him out of my heart. In his response, he agreed that three years was indeed a long time for any long distance relationship to go through, and that we make this promise together to ensure it won't be another 3 years before we live together, then asked me to be his. I of course accepted. With the ceremony complete, and wearing each other's rings on our fingers, we have now reached the first step in the devoted relationship. With the promise in place, I will stand by my word to love him and only him in a way that only true lovers can express. I promise to remain devoted and true to him, and to always be honest and upfront with him.

The last day of my stay, we went back to the Great Pines Mall to have our dog tags etched with a picture of our costumed characters together. We went to Wal-Mart on one of the prior days to get the dog tags engraved, simply stating that he and I are mates forever. Our next set of dog tags will depict our promise and vows to each other with a commissioned picture etched onto the reverse side of the tags. We would have had that done at the same time, but the picture is not yet finished. Once it's done, we'll be able to engrave the tags and then take them right out to be etched with the commissioned picture. I'm not sure what it's going to look like, but it's going to be a picture of our characters together in a loving setting. Can't wait to see it. I plan on having these dog tags read "I, (insert name), give all of my heart, soul, and devotion to (insert name)."

I know that a lot of this sounds sappy, maybe even a bit cheesy to some that are reading this, and others may think that I may be going a bit overboard, but after looking for love in all the wrong places, then finally finding someone out there that reached a place in me that has never been reached before, one tends to make sure that the relationship will last a very long time, and will go to great lengths to show the world just what that one person really means to me. The promises have been made to one another, and I feel that everyone has a right to know just how much we mean to each other, and that we are happily devoted.

Halfshell, if you're reading this, and I'm pretty sure you are...three years is indeed quite a long time to be in love with someone, and for that love to continuously grow stronger every day just makes me realize how lucky I am to have you in my heart, as lucky as you feel having me in yours. You are my life, my love, and my soul. I am very happy and proud to share every moment with you as your loving companion in life. My promise to you still stands, that I will always love and cherish you, and that I will not let anyone step between us to take any of that away from you. You once said that I could be open with anyone, but I turned that freedom down. I don't want it, for it would make you feel less of a companion that way. As long as I am with you, I will not take on any outside love interests, I will not share any intimacy with anyone else, no lovemaking, no yiffing, no licking/kissing. That's something for only you and I to share, and you have already expressed your true loving devotion to me this way as well. I wish to share that devotion with only you, and I am more than happy to give up that type of freedom to be with you. As you know in past relationsihps, mostly everyone I've ever been mated to wanted to be that open, but I still have to question that if the relationship was that open, then what's the need for a life companion when the same types of things are shared onto others? What good is love when the same type of love is shared with other people? Why go out and look for more love interests when the one you're with is already doing that? These things never made sense to me. With you, I wish to be free of that type of freedom, and to only share my love and affection with you and only you. As I stated before, cuddling with others is fine, but I don't want anything to go beyond that, for it would not only hold our love for each other back, but it would also make our love for each other seem worthless. Not only that, but it would also hold other people back from finding that one special person that they can share their love with, rather than sharing it with someone who is already taken, and that is why I turned down the freedom. You are all I need as my companion in life, someone you can have in your life in ways that nobody else can have me. I really long for the next time we are together, for it will be the start of our indefinite relationship and companionship. You are my one and only love, my soulmate, my life, and my devotion, and I wish nothing more than for you to become a part of my life forever. Nothing will ever change that, no matter how long it takes for us to live together. My love for you will remain as promised, and you wear my ring on your finger to give that reminder and reassurance. I miss you so much and really can't wait until we are together, for when that happens, it will be for a lifetime. We need but to remain strong in heart and body until then. I love you with all my heart, my one and only love, my Halfshell.

Current Mood: loved
Saturday, February 9th, 2008
4:32 am
One post before heading to California
Well my flight is heading out very early in the morning. I'll be heading to California for a couple weeks, after which I will not have an internet connection (oh no! Whatever shall I do? LOL) but I'll be going there to arrange a time to scatter my dad's ashes among the California mountains where he loved to go. After that I plan on heading to Lompoc with my sister to retrieve and distribute amongst us our mother's belongings. Going to grab as much stuff as we possibly can, so here's hoping we can grab the important stuff. My step father has a lady friend over constantly (of whom she met on the internet) and we don't trust him as far as we could throw him. Although I am a bit appalled by his decision to quickly hook up with another woman, on the internet of all things, so shortly after my mother's death just kind of says something about the guy. Well all I can say is that the guy is no longer family to me, and that's the way I want it.

So I'll be heading out in a few moments, but just thought I'd post a little something quickly before heading out that way. Will try to post more when I get out there, assuming I can tap into a wi-fi hot spot, but if not I'll post whenever possible. Ciao for now and I'll see you all on the flip side!!!
Thursday, January 10th, 2008
1:03 am
Galbadia Hotel
Hey folks. I know it's getting to be a while between journal posts, but it's not like I have much time in between my busy schedule to devote to web surfing and leisure internet activities. But I would like to mention one thing about Galbadia Hotel. It's a great web site to grab tons and tons of video game soundtracks, and every video game I've ever loved playing is there. They also have Manga downloads too. Now for the reason why I'm mentioning this here. A lot of you know that I run a nightly radio show called the Time Machine Show. I've been getting my video game soundtrack music here, but I can only download it track-by-track, which takes nearly forever just to grab one full series. Requests from the listeners have skyrocketed, asking me to include a lot of soundtracks I can't even get in a day's time, and there are tons of soundtracks being asked about. I have found a solution to this problem that will greatly help out in acquiring these soundtracks that are asked about on the show. For every click I get on the following links will generate points, which I can turn into the site to download game soundtracks a lot faster than just track-by-track (which takes way too long to sit there and do all day long) and I can offer them as requestable songs on my show a lot faster downloading them in zip archives. So if you would like to check the site out, please use the following links. Also if you could spread the word about these links, they can be found in my web site http://www.sonicblu.net in the colorful banner at the top of the page under the navigational links. Thanks for the help everyone.

Galbadia Hotel Main Page

Free video game soundtrack downloads here

Free manga downloads here

Thanks again for the help and hope everyone has a great and safe 2008!

Current Mood: calm
Wednesday, November 14th, 2007
8:24 am
The Call
As I write this, I feel a mixture of emotions, as I just heard from my cousin that my father had just passed away this morning at approximately 1:36 AM. I feel sorrow for the passing and knowing his time had come. I feel peace knowing that he will no longer experience pain. I feel thankful knowing he died when he did. But most of all, I feel a bit emptier inside knowing that when I return to California again, he won't be there anymore. I'm really going to miss him, and the times we shared together while I was growing up will always be in my memories of him. I will be putting together a dedication show for tonight's broadcast to commemorate his life, how he reached others, and how important he was to me. When I am able to go back out to California, we will head up to the mountains to spread his ashes, for he always loved being out there, and requested that he not be buried. He also requested not to have a huge service with a lot of family. He wasn't quite the type to enjoy crowds, especially when there's a lot of family around, and although he tried to avoid crowded situations in life, he still did what he could to allow me to have a good time whenever we did go out together. That meant a lot to me, and was very difficult for him to cope, but that just showed just how much he really cared about me. I was indeed very thankful though to have been given the opportunity on my last trip out to see him to tell him how much he meant to me and that I loved him. Well, you're up there in the heavens now, free from pain and suffering, and free to wander as a spirit, watching over us all. Although I know your spirit will always be with me, I'm still going to miss you. I love you, Dad. Always have, and always will.

Bill Blumfield
July 11, 1940 - November 14, 2007

Current Mood: gloomy
Monday, November 12th, 2007
7:14 pm
I got a call tonight.
As what happened in the family last year with my mother, the same is taking its toll on my dad. I got the call from my cousin tonight that he is in hospice, after being admitted into the hospital for a blood transfusion. We had all hoped that he would have come back from the blood transfusion, but upon closer inspection, the doctors made a grim discovery. My dad's kidneys and liver are nearly gone from years and years of alcohol abuse, and he is now in hospice, waiting for his end to come. There is nothing more the doctors can do to save him, and all plugs on the project have been pulled. He will be living out the remainder of his short time in hospice, until the hand of God carries him away from us. I am indeed saddened by the news, and I am awaiting further notice from my cousin upon attempting to have me return to California to bid my final farewell to the last living parent I have. I will post more news about that when I hear more from my cousin. . . but she needn't say anything more, for I know that his end is almost near, and I must prepare myself for the news when I get the final call that he is gone.

I'm going to miss you, father. And I know I must remain stronger than ever.

Current Mood: shocked
Friday, September 7th, 2007
12:20 pm
Need a bit of help
Last night, I got the word from my cousin that my father's health is drastically failing, and from what she told me, his chances of seeing
the end of the month are highly unlikely. So I am trying my absolute hardest to raise enough funds to head out to California to see him one final time before he passes. Since donations are not as fluent as I would like them to be, I had to make a decision to auction off some of my more prized possessions on Ebay to make the jouney there and be able to stay with him as long as possible. I don't want him to leave this world without telling him to his face how much he meant to me. It'll hurt to part with these items, but missing my last opportunity to see my father alive will hurt a lot more. Even if you do not bid or donate, I still thank you for your time in reading this. I greatly appreciate any help in the effort to raise the necessary funds, and every little bit will help. If you just cannot bid on anything, you can still help by informing others of these auctions. The current Ebay auctions are as follows:

Captain & Tennille - Love Will Keep Us Together SEALED LP

Wilson Phillips - ST SEALED LP

ZZ Top - Tejas SEALED LP

ZZ Top - Rio Grande Mud SEALED LP

Alan Parsons Project - Eye In The Sky SEALED LP

Chicago - 17 SEALED LP

Chicago - 16 SEALED LP


Donations are graciously accepted via Paypal using the email address: eeriebblum at yahoo dot com. Thank you for your time, and may the best bidders win.

Current Mood: gloomy
Monday, June 11th, 2007
6:27 pm
I don't recommend anyone actually reads this post. It's only me venting. NOT to be taken seriously. I'm just pissed and need to vent.
I don't recommend anybody actually read this huge spiel of psycho babble, but I'm at my wits end, and it's either take my anger out on my computer or write it all out in here, so don't mind me. I'm just fucking venting because I'm pissed off, I have a headache, and I'm half tempted to go out and get drunk on dry martinis and bottles of Jim fucking Beam tonight. Hell, some of you sick twisted minds might have a fifty-foot erection after reading it, which only makes me want to vomit my name on the wall in Calligraphy font because of the "elegant" content within this journal post actually giving someone a funny feeling in their pants. After it's done, I don't want to hear any responses along the lines of "Oh, you have some serious problems" or "Oh, that's disgusting, that's terrible, why do I even know you, do you need to see a doctor?" or the types of responses that actually take this kind of shit seriously. Fact is, I'm pissed, about ready to smash my fist into a reinforced concrete wall and punch holes the size of Peterbilt trucks into it. Anybody that even so much as takes a fraction of what I'm saying seriously and tries to "stand corrected" or tries to turn this entire reign of dog fucking turds into "rays of sunshine", be my guest. You'll only make yourself look fucking ridiculous while the people with enough of a sense of fucking humor that are too busy laughing their fucking asses right off their backsides will at least have something pleasant to read. But all seriousness for just one brief moment...don't take any of this seriously. I really need to vent all of this out because I do have something important to post, and I don't want any of this bad energy to cloud that up. That's all I need at this point.

Do they make any special guns for worthless computers? Do they? Because I'm half tempted to spend all my fucking money on a fucking rifle to blow this hunk of dog fucking shit to Kingdom Come and shove the fucking pieces down any random person's throat and make them choke on it for no apparent reason. I've had to do a hard reset on this machine three fucking times. THREE TIMES! Came this close to breaking the monitor with my fist as I tried to slam the top of my laptop down onto my wrist, hoping it would fucking break off from the socket and bleed all over the fucking place. If not for Havoc sleeping in the bed right next to me, this piece of shit would be fucking airborne and headed right for the window. I don't give a fucking fuck if the damn window was open or closed, I would be given utmost privilege to see this thing plummet to its death, and then for extra measures I would take one of the sharp shards of glass and jam it into my chest a few times because this fucking machine is giving me a pounding headache and I need to release some fucking endorphins. Hell, I'm also half tempted to go down to the liquor store and pick up a case of Jim Beam and drink the fucking night away. Sure is better than sweating over a computer that doesn't want to ACT like the type of computer it's BUILT for. It runs like an old broad on ritalin. It's worthless! A pile of monkey shit smeared on the wall at the San Diego Zoo is more valuable than this hunk of fucking shit. I can't even stand looking at the fucking metal overlay that encases this wretched machine's parts without feeling pure and solid hatred. I'd rather saw off my own fucking feet than to try to do anything with this hunk of shit. I'd rather let a tornado rip through my living room while I watched Paris Hilton cry her fucking eyes out while being hauled away to jail on Court Fucking TV. I'd rather strangle the living fuck out of a rabid wolverine than to be subjected to this pile of fucking used bomb parts they call a "Computer". Well not much else I can do. At the moment, I'm backing up every damn thing on my computer that's deemed "important" and I'm getting rid of this entire install of Windows for the fifth fucking time since I owned this piece of shit last year. Last fucking year, man! It's not even 2 years old yet and already I had to reinstall Windows on it five fucking times. Is there really a need for that? Is all that reinstalling crap really necessary? Apparently so. Either that, or I can't seem to own one single piece of working fucking technology and I just can't wait to tear it apart when it fucks up on me. Oh and I can't wait until those fucking fucknard fuckhead fuckers at the fucking Social Security Administration comes to me and tells me to go work in a fucking office somewhere. The very day those words leave their lips, I don't give a fuck where in the world I'm at, I will gladly walk over to their stuffed-shirt, pansy ass offices with a beat up mangled laptop in my clutches, throw it down on their precious five-thousand-dollar table and show them exactly why me and computers don't get along. If that doesn't convince them, perhaps when I open it and show them the words "I murder office workers" written in my own blood and fecal matter across the broken busted-up monitor would do the fucking trick. If that doesn't convince them, then I'll take a fucking piss all over the fucking computer and make them eat the fucking piece of shit one piece at a time until they're convinced. Fuck them, who needs them? All I know is that I HATE COMPUTERS! Plain and simple. But I rely on them so much for my work. Ain't that a bitch? Yay, another fucking directory is backed up. How many more times do I need to do this? About a hundred good enough for this month? No, make it five hundred times I need to make backups of every fucking keystroke I make on this hunk of shit. And what do I save it for? Fucking posterity? Fuck no. You take nearly 10 years of fucking computer work and flush it down the toilet because you're pissed off, and then let me know how you feel when you've lost 10 years of time when you could be out making a real man of yourself doing shit that would scare the fuck out of Freddy Krueger for a fucking living. So there's where the bitch comes into play. 10 fucking years, man. About to be pissed away because I have a very very VERY bad temper towards technology when it fucks up. I don't create holes in the walls with my fucking welted forehead for nothing. I don't smash monitor glass then cut my fucking arms to bloody shreds for my health. It's the only fucking way I get rid of the fucking throbbing migraine headache and keeps me from drinking a fucking fifth of Jim Beam like it was fucking orange juice. So what have we all learned from this little tangent? Well, to put it bluntly, "I HATE THIS PIECE OF SHIT!" I'd rather cut off my own dick and play football against the mother fucking Bengals with it than to deal with this piece of shit for another fucking second. But no, I can't walk away from this thing now because I'm too much of a fucking man to admit defeat. I'm too much of a possessive "gotta-have-it-all" collector to just toss it out a fucking window. So I'll be making sure every fucking thing is backed up, and if it's not, then there will be humorous holy fucking hell to pay, and my ass is back at that store for a second time demanding I get a better machine than the piece of dog fucking shit they sold me last year. Hell, if I took a runny, gooey, sloppy shit in the box it came in, they probably wouldn't know the fucking difference, would they? God, I hate computers, yet I rely on them so much. Nothing like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. I'd rather be stuck between Ike and Tina Turner than to be stuck doing this shit. I'd rather be in the same jail as Paris "Don't-Cry-For-Me-Argen-fucking-tena" Hilton. I'd take those fucking iron bars and wrap them the fuck around her throat until her face turned purple and her head swelled up like a giant fucking balloon. I'd kick the living fucking blue hell out of her ass and slap her across the face and shove this entire computer up her ass sideways. I'd take her Chihuahua and wrap him up in a bean fucking burrito and feed it to a starving Mexican kid. I'd love to gouge out her fucking eyeballs, rip them right out of the sockets, then stick a toothpick through both of them, garnish my dry martini with it, then drink the entire glass down, toothpick, eyeballs, and all. . . didn't I have a complaint about this computer? Ah, who cares. A whiny crybaby going to jail is more fun to pick on than this machine. Now all we need is Lindsay Lohan and Brittany "Look-At-Me-I'm-Bald-As-Fuck" Spears to appear in a scene of Hostel as a chainsaw is taken to both of them while tied down to a chair, and the lifeless, disembodied head of Paris Hilton sitting in the corner watching it all through hollow eye sockets and a shocked look on her face as if she didn't ever see it coming. Rich people make me want to vomit my lower intestines onto the fucking carpet. Rich people can just shove their rich fucking cars and houses and their petty little fucking complaints that nobody in the fucking world cares about and shove them right clean up their ass until it comes out their mouth with their bloody fist latching onto whatever is left of their insides. I hope they all end up on the cover of People fucking Magazine with huge fucking dicks in their mouths choking on them to death. I hope Dr. Fucking Lara does an expose on rich fucking people and how fucking insane they are thinking they can get away with fucking murder. Hell, I'd rather see Dr. Fucking Lara expose herself in front of a three-way-fucking-mirror with Dr. "Don't-Call-Me-Doctor-When-I'm-Sucking-Oprah's-Asspipe" Phil doing the fucking nasty to a recording of Yoko Ono on an old run-down 8-track tape stuck on auto play, while Bea "I'm-Old-As-Shit" Arthur sits on the mattress, naked as a wrinkled pile of fucking prunes, fingering herself to pictures of Ernest Borgnine sticking his head up a horse's fucking ass. I'd rather listen to the sound of a cat's brains being eaten out by the undead jaws of Janis Fucking Joplin.

Well that's all the energy I have. If there's anyone that actually read this far and got a kick out of this spiel of rantings and ramblings without sporting a huge ass fucking boner in your jeans, I salute you. As such, I'll post more to this journal when I feel like posting to the fucker. Oh, and while you're coming down from your "massive" display of hysteria, you might want to check out my web site. I updated the fucking thing, worked on it for 3 solid days with very little sleep. Do I get a "way to go. It looks awesome" comment? Fuck no, and I don't give a fucking flying fuck one way or another. Sympathy is for fucking pussies and I don't expect any whatsoever. I fucking like the new look, and if nobody ever looks at it again, then that just means I'll never have to update the fucking thing ever, and I can spend more time watching flies fucking on the kitchen counter while listening to commentaries from the PGA fucking Tour on ESPN mixing with the annoying sounds of a horde of Mexican kids from next door scream at the top of their lungs until fire shoots out of every orifice of their bodies and their hair turns white and stands on end, alarming some pissed off delusional Vietnam veterans suffering from battle fatigue busts in and opens fire into their apartment for no reason whatsoever.

Now I made this post so I can "cleanse myself" to make a more worthy post, which will follow this one. Stay tuned.

And before you say it...."YES I'M PISSED OFF, otherwise I wouldn't have WRITTEN any of the crap you read before." Besides, I'll be needing to post something a LOT more worthy after this post from the pits of the seventh layer of fucking hell you read so far and I don't want any of my "negativity" to be present when I say it, and this is the only way I can blow off any steam. It's either that or I can start finding interesting ways to dissect this entire computer with the butt-end of a Louisville Slugger in one hand, and a pile of some random dog's maggot-infested pile of fecal matter in the other as I spread the wretched mess into every single fucking crevice of this fucked-up retarded computer I can find, to prove to the sons-of-fucking-bitches at Best-Buy-Me-A-Fucking-Crappy-Appliance just what type of pieces of rotting shit their company sells. Hey, I get my point across one way or another. It'll be a while on that other post, even though it is important, and that's just fucking it. It's too fucking important to get tied into this fucked-up, crappy shit-filled, cum-licking, piss-smelling, white-knuckled, blood-in-my-shit, piss-boiling, fire-and-brimstone-shooting-out-of-my-dick-while-douching-with-a-rusty-lead-pipe-and-a-bag-full-of-toxic-waste-and-used-tampons, bloody-fisted, not-even-as-"pleasant"-as-an-old-93-year-old-fucking-horny-granny-woman-on-the-cover-of-Penthouse-fucking-magazine-with-puss-blisters-the-size-of-basketballs-in-her-rotting-coochie, fucked-up day this has been. I'll post what I need to when I'm good and ready. As for this post, I won't turn anyone away with whatever they have to say in response to this spiel. I made myself become heard by writing what I did, far be it for me to shun anyone else of their first-amendment rights. Just don't think I'm being serious with this post. As I said before, it's me venting and I have to get it out of my system. Sorry if I disgusted anyone, but then again you might want more ramblings sometime in the future.

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Saturday, February 24th, 2007
6:12 am
Weekend Trip in California...one week ago. LOL Sorry I'm late.

We awoke that morning to pick up John at his house. He's the guy that owns one of the original Herbie the Love Bug cars. We headed straight down to Burbank and had to wait a couple hours in front of the building to get in on time, but we had a great all-you-can-eat breakfast before the show, so at least we weren't starving. heh heh

Finally getting inside the convention center, the first person I meet when I went in there was Lynne Marie Stewart. It was great to see her again, and she remembered me from the last time we met. She always had a very pleasant smile on her face and eager to meet with fans and friends. She told me a few more things about Paul Reubens, who was in the process of coming to his table. Many of the other guests were not at their tables either, like David Faustino. I saw Katty Segall was seated at her table and I asked a nearby sheriff if David Faustino was coming too. He didn't know, and as I turned to leave, I saw David's nameplate at the table he was to occupy. Problem solved. LOL

I roamed around the convention center looking for people I knew first, and I was dressed in a nice suit with dress shoes that were killing my feet. Many breaks were taken that day. In between breaks, I was finally able to meet with David Faustino. He also remembered me and I extended an invite to him to join us for dinner, which he wasn't sure what he was doing, but the invite was there in case he wanted to join us. I also met with Denny Laine. He and I got along very well. Denny used to play guitar in the old Moody Blues group when they had a hit single with "Go Now", then he later joined with Paul McCartney and Wings. He told me and my friend Doug about his tour in Spain and how someone made off with his equipment, especially his custom-made double-neck guitar. He told us to keep an eye out for it if we came across someone selling it somewhere, and we told him we would keep our eyes peeled.

Next to Denny, Spencer Davis was supposed to be sitting there, but his space was vacant nearly most of the duration of the show. I finally met with him later in the day and told him that I hadn't seen him in over sixteen years. I'm not sure if he remembered me, but we sure remembered the venue.

I saw Edd "Kookie" Burns again. That guy must really love the show because he's been there every time I'm there. Was great to see him again. I told him that Michael Berryman, a colleague of mine, was a big fan of his and then told him who he was (appeared in The Hills Have Eyes 1 and 2, plus did some other Star Trek Next Generation stuff) and was not able to exchange contact information with him (Kookie doesn't use a computer. lol) But I did manage to pick up his book for Michael, so next time I see him, I'll pass it along to him. I still have Kookie's comb though and I'm not giving that up for anything! LOL

Along the rest of the day, I met with my own set of fans that have known about my work and the one guy that wanted me to contact his sister who runs that haunted hotel I was going to do an article on. I have yet to even begin the research on that. Soon, I hope to get that cleared away and sent into the editor before the next issue of Dark Investigations is released.

Meeting with Bill Dana was indeed a treat. I never met him before, and I have always wanted to meet the man behind the character Jose Jimenez. He had that famous comical routine called "The Astronaut", which he performed at the Hungry I and also live on the Ed Sullivan Show. He and his handler were kind enough to allow Bill to contribute to my radio show with a 20-second radio spot. I also presented him with an already autographed copy of "The Astronaut" LP, which was previously signed by Bill to someone named Claudia. I told him how I came across the record and showed him his old signature. The first words out of his mouth were, "Who's Claudia?" I laughed and told him I didn't know, so he practically read my mind and asked if I wanted him to sign it over to me. So he signed the record: "To Brett, Good friend of Claudia. With care, Bill Dana". I thought that was quite amusing.

Leaving Bill Dana's table, I saw Bert I. and Susan Gordon's table at the end of the row of tables. I stopped and chatted a while with them. Naturally, they remembered me from meeting at Monster Bash. Was a great honor to see both of them again. I mentioned that for the weekend to be complete, we needed Kenny Miller there with us. The group just isn't the same without him.

Another celebrity that still got everything together was Edie Adams. I was very eager to meet her. Fortunately her table was not busy, and I was able to have her sign my Up In Smoke laser disc cover. The moment I took it out of the plastic outer cover, she was telling me what fun she had doing that movie, even though she had such a small part. She was still around for most of the shooting that day and got to meet with a lot of the cast members. She was in the opening scene as Chong's mother. Edie said that Chong was very funny and she was only told to make a disgusted face when on camera (due to the filthy lifestyle Chong's character "Man" led.) She even gave me a radio spot as well, and she told me of a famous radio talent that used to broadcast in Cleveland, but is now living in Florida. She ended the radio spot with her classic "Why don't you pick one up and smoke it sometime....hey big spender!" She never ceased to amaze me.

Later that day, I met Joe Turkel. He played Lloyd the Bartender in Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining". I stopped at his table not knowing who he was, and here's this outgoing, friendly gentleman who pointed to a familiar picture of the set with a short, stout, bearded man behind the bar operating a movie camera. He asked me if I knew who that was in the picture, and I answered, "Well I never met him before, but I'd say that would have to be Stanley." We talked a bit about the set where he served Jack Nicholson drinks in the movie. He said that Jack was a great man to work with, had an excellent sense of humor, and was such a tremendous delight to work with. I felt a little jealous about not meeting him yet, but one of these days I'm sure I'll meet him before my time is through. I also asked him what the deal was with Stanley always reinventing the script from the story. Joe said that he always did that because he wanted to be original and different. He intended for his movies to differ immensely from the book mainly because it got people to read the book for something different from his films, and vice-versa. I could concur to an extent, but I didn't tell Joe about what extent I understood. LOL

Robert Picardo was there as well, but I wasn't able to talk with him much. I was dead on my feet and short on cash, otherwise I would have acquired a couple signed photos from him. He was indeed very nice to talk to.

Throughout the entire day, Paul Reuben's table was packed with fans, and he had a constant line going to his table, leading around the corner into the hallway and practically back to the main entrance...all day! I took a few trips through the day over to his table and commented to Lynne how happy he looked. Lynne agreed. He was indeed glad to be there and happy to see so many fans still love him.

Toward the evening, I made my way around the convention center a few times and got talking with Tonya Harding for the first time. Last time we met, Rip Taylor had dragged me to her table to show her my LED badge. Tonya didn't seem too talkative at the time, but she remembered me from that one little moment with Rip. We got talking for a while, and she's not that bad of a person to get to know personally. She got out of ice skating and started training for boxing, which lasted a little while, and now she's into racing antique cars. She sure is a sporty gal who still has a lot of pep. I'm glad to see she's still in the game, so to speak. We spent the most part of the hour just talking and laughing and getting customers to her table.

Having to get back on the move again, I ventured by Sally Strother's table. I couldn't believe what type of friendly, outgoing, amazing gal she turned out to be. I would have never guessed from those benefit commercials she did. Sally was really amazing! She was talking to someone at her table and she smiled and waved me over to her table, introduced me to her friend right on the spot, and then started to introduce me to other people just coming up to her table for an autograph. (She got their names first, and to be silly, she introduced me to them.) Sally asked me what I did, and I gave her the nutshell rundown of my endeavors. I showed her a couple stills from the Wormwood movie I was in, and she immediately expressed interest. She asked where to get a copy of the movie and the photo had a link to Zombie Junkyard on it, so I gave her a photo, which she quickly handed back to me to sign for her. In exchange, she was nice enough to give me a signed photo of her. I chose the one from the set of "All In The Family" where she was posing with Caroll O'Connor. God rest his soul. About this time, a photographer came to her table and asked to take some photos of Sally. She agreed (after introducing me to him, of course) and began giving what she called her "evil face", which took a few tries to get right. Sally asked if I had an "evil face" and I showed the photographer my "eerie gaze" of which the photographer took a few snapshots. Then Sally leaps up, kneels onto her table, and lurches out at the camera for another silly pose, of which the photographer quickly got some great shots. Sally was indeed a very energetic gal. I was very happy to have befriended her. Through the entire weekend whenever we passed one another, she called me by name. Sometimes I wouldn't even see her and she would call out to me. I sure am going to miss her. I hope she keeps in contact via the business card I gave her. She was outstanding of a person!

An interesting thing happened while I was at Sally Strothers's table, an interviewer overheard what I was telling Sally and wanted to interview me. I think he was with the Los Angeles Times. This was right when I was in the process of signing Sally's picture. I turned to look for the interviewer and he disappeared on me. Oh well. Easy come, easy go, as the saying goes.

Saturday...man, what a madhouse that place was. Tried to get in to see Katty Segall. What a nightmare. Paul Reubens was also swamped with fans. No chance of getting a word in edgewise, so I stood around looking at the gobs and gobs of fans crowding around. Couldn't get much done at this time, so I started to wander the room. I came upon the back row of tables where the Three Stooges gals were seated. One lady comes up to me instantly and says, "You must meet Diane! She's sitting right over here." I waited for a couple attendees to leave the table, and the lady introduced us. I looked over her filmography. Seemed to have a nice filmography built up for herself. I got to talk to her and the Howard girls about what it was like working with The Three Stooges. They had starred in a few Stooges episodes, and the daughter-in-law and sister of the Howard family had nothing but great things to say about Shemp. They said that out of all the Stooges, Shemp was the greatest to pal around with. He was the most funny, outgoing, down-to-earth stooge you ever will meet. Moe was okay, but not anything near as wacky as a character as Shemp. I didn't hear any mention of Larry, Curly, or "Curly Joe".

On my way back around the room, one of the celebrities stopped me and asked about my hat. I'm usually wearing a black fedora and here's this celebrity I have no recollection of ever befriending or meeting for that matter. The first thing he noticed on me was that I wasn't wearing a hat, and he asked what happened to it. I was a bit taken aback by the event that someone actually recognized me out of the blue like that and I told him that I lost my hat while visiting home for my mom's funeral. I left it behind at her old house where my step-father lives alone, and I am not about to return to his place in the near future, so I voted it off as a loss. Got to get a replacement.

Saturday morning I hung out with Tonya some more. She was hoping to get some customers to her table because she had a lot of pictures she was trying to discontinue. I helped bring some people over to the table and she found my technique quite amusing. I used my radio voice and invited people to "step right up and get a picture of the one and only Tonya Harding. She is sitting here all by herself waiting for YOU to come up to her table and say, 'Hi, Tonya! I'd like a picture!'" Right about this time, one of the passersby came up and took interest of my sales pitches and had to go to an ATM machine. While waiting for him to return, Tonya asked if I could get her some coffee at the cafe. I didn't mind at all, and by the time I got her coffee and came back with it, the guy that I talked to about Tonya's pictures was finished buying one and showed it to me, saying, "See? I bought one." We laughed over that one.

Oh yes, before I let it slip, the late Yvonne De Carlo's son was at the show this year. I got a chance to meet Bruce Morgan, the only living offspring of Yvonne's. I told him of the memorial I wrote up in my live journal, and he immediately expressed interest in wanting to read it. He gave me his myspace address, and I sent it to him that night. He was very grateful for the words, and I told him that when I heard about the loss, I was indeed shocked. I found out later that the first guy Sally Strothers introduced me to was the family friend of the De Carlo family, named Barry Silverman. At first, I thought it was Yvonne's son, because of the first names throwing me off. Barry, Bruce, all those "B" names throwing me a loop. LOL No harm done though.

Oh yeah, another thing that happened...while I took leave from Denny Laine's table after hanging out and talking with him, his handler comes up behind me after I was halfway across the large room, and I feel someone grabbing my elbow. I turned and saw Denny's handler saying that he was charging 50.00 to sign people's guitars, but since it was me, he'll go ahead and lower the price for me. I thought that was very kind of him to do so, and I later took him up on their offer. Now my guitar has two signatures on it, and ready for more. LOL Denny was also kind enough to give me a radio spot as well.

I was exhausted after late afternoon Saturday. I sat down as a film crew was filming some of the celebrities for interviews. I never heard of the show before, but the host said it was in syndication. Too bad I didn't have a table set up, that would have been two interviews I could have gotten with. Ah well. No biggie. There'll be plenty of time for all that hub-bub later on. Albeit I did have a pleasant conversation with the guy sitting next to me, asking me many questions about what I did for a living. He thought I was a musician since I had my guitar out and was playing on the harmonica. I told him music was my hobby, and got talking with him about what I did for a living. He also wanted to get some photos of me as well, which I obliged. He took several pictures of several poses with his cell phone, and when it was over, I told him that he really knew his positioning. He finally told me he was a photographer but he didn't have his camera on him at the time. We talked the remainder of the time about how to extract the pictures from his phone. Hopefully he'll be able to send them my way so I can post them later.

After the talk with him, I got the call on my cell phone from Doug saying that Paul Reubens's table was thinning out...finally. I was able to wait for a while until he was freed up enough so that I could introduce myself to him. He heard of me through Lynne, and I asked if he wouldn't mind doing a quick radio spot for me. He told me to come back in a couple hours before he left. The handlers he had with him were very nice as well. I waited around for a while until he was ready to do the spot, and he gave a very quick radio spot as Paul Reubens (would have been nice to get one as Pee Wee Herman, but at least I got him.) Before Lynne left the building, I had her pose with Paul for my picture of them. I was indeed fortunate to have been at that very place at that moment in time, otherwise I would have lost two opportunities at the same time.

I looked around and noticed the room was clearing out and tables were being broken down. Made me wonder how long I was waiting for Paul Reubens. LOL I wanted to hurry by Sally Strothers's table for a radio spot, but she was already long gone. I cursed myself for missing both her and Joe Turkel's radio spots, both of whom were eager to contribute to the show. Ah well. In for one round of opportunities, and out with a couple others.

All in all, I had a wonderful time at the show. I was very grateful to have been remembered by those who remembered me, and it never ceases to amaze me how much better Ray and Sharon Court's shows turn out to be, which makes me more than happy to attend again and again.

http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w294/sonicblu/TonyaHarding.jpg (Me with Tonya Harding)

http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w294/sonicblu/SusanandBertI.jpg (Me with Susan and Bert I. Gordon)

http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w294/sonicblu/SallyStrothers.jpg (Me with Sally Strothers)

http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w294/sonicblu/LynneMarieStewartPaulRuebens.jpg (Paul Reubens and Lynne Marie Stewart)

http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w294/sonicblu/EdieAdams.jpg (Here's Edie Adams)

http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w294/sonicblu/DennyLaine.jpg (Denny Laine holding Doug's Wings record award, which was awarded to Denny himself.)

http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w294/sonicblu/DennyLaine2.jpg (Me with Denny Laine after he signed my guitar)

http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w294/sonicblu/DavidFaustino.jpg (Two old friends reunited. This one is of me and David Faustino...Bud Bundy from Married...With Children!)

http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w294/sonicblu/ByronRossTonyaHarding.jpg (Byron Ross who owns a collectibles store in LA with Tonya Harding)

http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w294/sonicblu/BillDana.jpg (Me and Bill Dana...or is that Jose Jimenez? They both look the same. LOL)

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Tuesday, February 20th, 2007
5:31 pm
California Trip Part 1
I'm back and everything seems normal. I don't know if that's a good thing or what. LOL

Anyway, there will be two separate journal entries for my trip. One for the trip in general, and one for the last weekend of my stay, where the most of what happened occurred over the weekend.

I ended up leaving the apartment later than usual, which barely got me through security check at the airport. Much unlike the last time I was there, where I had a four-hour wait to play with. Still, I was able to get there just in the nick of time. While going through security, the guard kept asking me dozens of questions about my LED name badges that I sell. I kept having to explain what they were, what they did, what they were used for, etc. etc. Got to be so late that they called my name over the PA system telling me to hurry along to the gate. I told the security guard to hurry and wrap this up so I can get on my plane because that was my name on the PA system. She gave me this "I dunnoooooo" look and allowed me to grab my stuff and head to the plane. I'm also reminded never to leave cans of soda in my coat pockets when I go through security. Those are no longer allowed on board, which is stupid since they already have cans of soda on the plane so it's not against regulation in the first place. Just another useless rule they have to enforce. Next thing you know, we'll be getting on board naked.

The flight was quick and painless, and I arrived at Burbank on time. I joined with Doug (my former boss from the record store I worked at when I was growing up) and we spent the day in Burbank. I also met his new worker in his framing shop. Nice guy. He's also an illustrator too, so I may have to talk to him about my book cover designs sometime.

Through most of the week, nothing really major happened, but some of the highlights were:

Seeing Buddha again. I have this friend I went to high school with named Jason. Everyone called him Buddha because of his build. I haven't seen Buddha in over sixteen years, and we found each other in Myspace. At first I didn't know it was him from such a small photograph he had in his profile, but I got a closer look and shouted "HEY, THAT'S BUDDHA!" So we met up at a local IHOP in Palmdale. Had a killer breakfast there. I miss IHOP food.

That night I had Tommy's -- another food I greatly miss. I went for their triple chili burger combo. Simple order, right? No way to confuse that order? You would think that, but when we arrived at the drive-through window, the attendant gives me the food and then asks if I wanted tomato and french fries. I looked at my food, then looked back at her, and exchanged confusing looks with Doug, then said "naah, I'm good." What I should have said (if I wasn't in such a confusing state) was, "Umm, isn't all of that here in the first place, you dumb and lame excuse for a cashier at a fast food restaurant?" What did that mean, anyway? Asking me if I wanted tomato and french fries -after- she gives me my food? That doesn't make any sense! That's like going to get an oil change for your car and then the mechanic asking, "Would you like the premium oil or regular?" when the job is finished.

Also that night, I had the dickens of a time trying to get my guitar back in tune. It was knocked way out of tune during the flight being hauled around in that cheap canvas carrying case that I had to have Doug help me get it back in tune again. I really really need a hard-shell carrying case for my guitar so bad I can taste it.

Later in the week, I met up with my cousin and we headed down to Fillmore to help aid a senior citizen and got her to her doctor's appointment. While I was there, I spent time on my laptop and I was able to connect right up to the bank's wifi hot spot next door. I spent the time on Gaia and that interested my cousin, so I'll be inviting her over to join up. On the way back, I had to buy a pair of sunglasses, which put a serious damper on my allotted expenditures.

After we got back, I spent about forty-five minutes visiting with my dad and aunt Vicki. I hadn't seen her in well over sixteen years either. Last time I saw her was when I was a senior in high school and she lived in the apartment complex right across the street from the school. My dad didn't look too good, but he's recovering (hopefully.) He's taken to harsh drinking even now in his late years and it's really causing serious damages within his system. His face was in much worse condition than last time I saw him just a year ago. On the way back to my aunt Sharon's place, we stopped in at a video-slash-barber-shop-store (I'm not kidding...that combination actually exists!) and picked up some nostalgic candy. I was amazed when I found hot dog gum and Nik-L-Nips and most of all, Adam's Sour Gum. That hadn't been made since the early 70s. Excitedly, I bought both varieties (but distinctly remember them having four back then.) Doug remembers Adam's Sour Gum too, and he was eager to try it. We both had the same reaction...."Ohhhh, GOOOOOOOD no! Eeeeewwwww!" He spat his out instantly. I kept chewing it as long as I could tolerate it before following suit. The Adam's Sour Gum recipe is definitely not the same as it was back then! First of all, the flavor was not as potent as before. Second, they've added BHT into the recipe to preserve freshness. Do you know what BHT is, folks? It's the same stuff they use to make the wax for Nik-L-Nips. BHT should NEVER be an ingredient in gum! NEVER! However, there may be 1% of the entire world that wants a gum that tastes like half wax and half sour apple or cherry. Bleeeeccccchhhh! Bring back the old recipe PLEASE!!! I also got a pack of Charms Hard Candies, and they've lost that original recipe too! Back when Charms Hard Candies were made, you got struck with an explosion of taste! Now in the re-release of the candy, you're lucky if you get a spark of flavor in these things. I was very disappointed!

On Wednesday night, the night of Valentine's Day, we headed into Tolouca Lake's Marie Calendar's for dinner. We were to meet with keyboardist David Kaffinetti for dinner there. David Kaffinetti was a keyboardist in the groups Rare Bird and Spinal Tap, plus played piano with Chuck Berry in the famous concert in London in 1972 (the same concert where My Ding-A-Ling became a hit from.) He had some amazing stories about his experiences in the music industry. Great friend to boost, too. I gave him my Time Machine CDs of when he was a guest speaker on my internet radio show. He had a great time that night. I regretted to inform him however that the publicity photos I was working on were not able to be printed out because of a lack of yellow toner in my printer. :-/ But he was very understanding of this and he's not in any major rush to get them, since he already has three of my other designs prior to this. He also took interest in my parody songs and wants a copy of my greatest hits compilation when I get it worked on. heh heh

That's pretty much the highlight of this week-long trip that I can think about at the moment. Stay tuned for the big weekend that marked the end of my stay. More to come. For now, enjoy these photos:


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Friday, January 19th, 2007
11:44 pm
Would you trust this man?
I got a spam in my inbox that was just begging to be made fun of.

These people are supposed to be a "business"? Sounds like it should be run by Eazy Grandmaster Daddy Mac lil' Snoopy Dog-Eat-Dog Bow-Wow Hip-Hopper. He must be needing more "bling-bling" selling whatever it is he's trying to put over on us. Observe this "straight-outta-Ghetto-land Spam E-mail" (To add to the hip-hoppin' effect, I recommend playing Wu-Tang while sipping on Gin and Juice while reading this.

----Begin E-mail-----
Yo Man

I don't care why your sausage is so small, but 76% of women do.
They are pretty sure that bigger weenie will make their desire
stronger. You have the chance to change your life.

Here http://kimballhillshome.info you can get the thing.

It will help you for sure.
The remedy can be sent worldwide.
If you wont be satisfied - we will return all you money.
No bullshit.
-----End E-mail-----

Oh, and here's his signature:

-----Begin Signature-----
did know in advance that Berlioz was going to have his head cut off, didn't
he? Isn't that something to get upset about? '
'What do you mean? ' objected the new Ivan. ' I quite agree that it's
a nasty business--a child could see that. But he's a mysterious, superior
being--that's what makes it so interesting. Think of it--a man who knew
Pontius Pilate! Instead of creating that ridiculous scene at Patriarch's
wouldn't it have been
rather more intelligent to ask him politely what happened next to
Pilate and that prisoner Ha-Notsri? And I had to behave like an idiot! Of
course it's a serious matter to kill the editor of a magazine. But
-----End Signature-----

My response to this? (Like spammers really read any responses anyway, but that's why I give them to people who appreciate humor.)

Wuzzaaaaaaaaap, G!

Yo, homey, dis is some def shit, yo! Ya sent me da bomb, baby! This is the shit!

Is that what you wanted me to say? Lemme swing you outta South Central and into reality for a second.

First of all, you're charging my money for this "miracle male-enhancement drug", yet you use profanity. Smart man. I trust you with every dime I've got. *gags on his sarcastic remark*

Second, what in green hell is up with your signature? Did you yank that out of Reader's Digest, or is that a lyric to a 2-Pac song? Do you suck that bat at literature that you have to go and grab something out of a book that sounded intelligent to convince someone that you were on the level? Who are we trying to kid here. The only book you see is the one that's thrown at you by the cops on a daily basis!

Third, how are you so sure I've GOT a small sausage? Maybe I'm a fat woman eating bon-bons on the couch while watching soap operas and crying in her cappuccino about being lonely all the time. Maybe I would like a pill to make my tits pop out about ten inches. Maybe I come equipped, but I like taking it up the ass like a real man. Who knows? I may be dating your "homeboys" in the closet, and they all love huge sausages.

And how the blue hell did you come up with the accurate 76%? Did you use an advanced Texas Instruments calculator that they hand out to Trigonometry students to figure that out? How many sleepless nights did you have to go through trying to measure the ratio of rejections I get over my sausage, anyway? Am I dealing with a wannabe Kreskin, or did you have your "hidden cameras" placed at the wrong house and I ended up getting someone's e-mail that you've been spying on?

Oh yeah, and there's "no bullshit" about getting my money back, but people will be up to their armpits in the biggest load of horse shit anyone's ever seen. Furthermore, if I'm to even so much as click on this link of yours, I would have to scroll through an ongoing page full of "Wows" and "Whoas" about how "miraculous" your product is while some hidden spyware crap gets onto my machine when I'm not looking, so I can get bugged by half a million other "male enhancement" fuckheads that are trying to make easy money by turning every male in the world into hyper-endowed fuck machines. Why would I need that many people convincing me that I can have a bigger dick in my pants if I tried your product. Lame, man. Really lame!

So you figured me out. I have a tiny dick. So fucking what? I'm so small, that when I'm with a woman, she wonders when I'm going to stick it in her and I've already finished coating her inner walls with my love spunk...but at least I'm a rich motherfucker with a tiny sausage trying to get into a woman's pants to impress her naturally. My secret? I don't buy anything people like you have to say! Stick that up your crack pipes and smoke it, yo!

Check you later, G! I got to go. Got some brothas I need to go hang with, and they're gonna give me some lessons on how to control my super huge, naturally-endowed, drug-free trouser snake. Peace out, yo!
-----End reply-----

I love badgering spammers, even though it's not read by the ones sending these things out. It gives others smiles upon their faces nonetheless, and I feel my efforts as a wise-cracking, intellectual comedian have been rewarded graciously.

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Monday, January 15th, 2007
2:59 pm
Just "Talk Talk"
Got done listening to a decent garage psych album: Music Machine's RCA Records release "(Turn On) The Music Machine", which was the band's official debut album, released in March of 1966. Sean Bonniwell headed this group of loud, mop top-style hair-wearing vocalists as they belt out such songs as See See Rider, Talk Talk, The People In Me, Cherry, Cherry, and 96 Tears.

The band started out playing small gigs and really gave the name "garage psych" its true meaning. Starting out under the group "The Ragamuffins", this band performed cover songs at small concerts and garage gigs until their discovery later that year.

After the release of their first album, the group's lead vocalist Sean Bonniwell caused conflicting attitudes with his band members, causing them to break away from the group that was just barely starting to get their feet in the majestic waters of the recording industry's turbulent sea.

In 1967, Bonniwell went on to Warner Brothers Records, where he formed a new lineup of band members, and added his name to the frontline. Known forevermore as Bonniwell's Music Machine, their successes were not quite what it once was. Only releasing one album with the new lineup, the self-titled LP "Bonniwell's Music Machine" didn't seem to have the same potential as its prior release. Bonniwell released one final album before saying goodbye to the music industry, a compilation of earlier unreleased material called "Ignition" (released under the Sundazed label), which contained demo tracks performed in 1965 and early 1966; some tracks were credited under the group name "The Ragamuffins".

You would think that a guy would know when to quit while he was ahead, but after becoming dissatisfied with the route his band was going, Bonniwell took on a solo career in 1969. Capitol Records released "Close", which marked the start of his turbulent, yet very short-lived recording career as a solo artist. Although "Close" could stand for the many times he aimed to get his recording career on a more satisfying level, it turned out to symbolize that he was nowhere near "close" to receiving any support.

Bonniwell left the music industry peacefully and indefinitely. To this date, Sean Bonniwell attests to have written over 300 songs up until 1970...the last time he would ever go near a studio microphone.

Although nothing he's ever recorded could hold a candle to their instant hit classic, Talk Talk did manage to reach the top ten Hot 100 Singles on the Billboard charts in 1966 (#1 on the Cashbox charts), followed by their single "The People In Me", which only reached as high as #66. Sean Bonniwell did have his seven days of fame, but through the release of "Talk Talk", I feel his recognition was far beyond that which he was initially given. Sad to say, 1966 was the only year Bonniwell could ever call "his own".

Talk Talk would later be covered by recording artist Alice Cooper on the Warner Brothers 1980 LP "Flush the Fashion".

Bonniwell was mostly noted not just for the mop top-style hairdo of his band, but also for the adorning of one single black leather glove on his right hand. Those that questioned Michael Jackson's use of one single glove never thought that perhaps the fashion was not only strong with golf players (with no resemblance to the King of Pop's idea of fashion sense, of course), but did not realize the style was popularized by one Sean Bonniwell in a group that the world would sooner or later forget all about.

This goes to show that the history of musicians can be as obscured as the sun on an overcast afternoon, yet the songs they once sang will continue to live on years after the show is over. Every once in a while, you might still be hearing Talk Talk on a classic rock/oldies station somewhere in the world today. I know I've played the song on my own show quite a few times. So when the radio is blasting out those classic lyrics: "My social life's a dud, my name is really mud, I'm up to here in lies, I guess I'm down to size..." remember that even though a musician's history nor credibility may not have been well-noted, through songs like what you are hearing now, they certainly left their mark, even if but for one single moment in time.

Kudos to you, Sean Bonniwell. You may not have done as good as you had hoped, but in my opinion, you did good enough.

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Thursday, January 11th, 2007
8:17 am
Rest in Peace, Yvonne De Carlo
Another tremendous talent of screen and television has passed, and I was indeed shocked when I heard the news on the radio. Yvonne De Carlo, actress in memorable television shows such as Bonanza, Death Valley Days, and more famously known for her unforgettable role as Lily Munster in The Munsters, was found deceased from natural causes at the Motion Picture & Television Country House and Hospital in Woodland Hills, California. She was 84.

Her film career began in the year 1945, playing the title role in the film Salome, When She Danced. Although it was not a tremendous success, it was declared a box office favorite, which gave Ms. De Carlo a running start in a career of stardom, landing her two more films in the remaining years in the decade, starring in such films as Slave Girl and Criss Cross. Her "femme fatale" role in the latter opposite Burt Lancaster would be the start of her "darker side of acting" which would eventually land her a starring role in the comedy classic The Munsters.

Over the years, Ms. De Carlo acquired many other types of contracts, including appearances on Death Valley Days, Bonanza, and HBO's Tales From The Crypt. She was one of the very few to earn herself not one, but two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame -- one for her film career at 6124 Hollywood Blvd, and another on the same street at 6715 for her television career. Ms. De Carlo was a gal of many talents; she was able to fall right into a role as if it was always meant to be. When she sang, her voice was superb, having been given the proper training in opera and theater. Her only LP release, Yvonne De Carlo Sings, would be the only piece of wax to her name, having recorded and released the record in 1957.

Her final role on the big screen occurred in 1991, appearing in the John Landis film Oscar alongside Sylvester Stallone, although her final movie appearance was in a made-for-TV presentation as Norma in the Disney remake of The Barefoot Executive in 1995.

1998 was indeed a struggling year for Ms. De Carlo, for she had suffered her first stroke, and it was within her best interest to reside at the Motion Picture & Television Country House and Hospital, where she would live out the remainder of her life...and on January 8, 2007, Ms. De Carlo breathed her last breath. She will be considered a tremendous loss in the movie and television industry, and the memories of her will continue to thrive within us all. We'll miss you, Yvonne. May you find eternal peace beyond the spirit world, now and forevermore.

Ms. De Carlo is survived by her two children, her last living son Bruce De Carlo, and her step-daughter Bari.

Yvonne De Carlo
September 1, 1922 - January 8, 2007


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Monday, December 25th, 2006
12:03 pm
Godfather of Soul
Just a quick post here at this point, but I just received word from my roommate that James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, has died this Christmas morning after being hospitalized from pneumonia. He was 73.

James Brown lit up the stage with wild dances, and took to the top of the Billboard charts with hit singles such as Please, Please, Please in 1964, I Got You (I Feel Good) and Papa's Got A Brand New Bag in 1965, Sex Machine in 1969, and his 70s super hits, featuring Make It Funky in 1971 and Get Up Offa That Thing in 1976. His stardom continued through the years, both on stage and studio, and at the 34th Grammy award ceremony, won an award in 1986 for his hit single Living in America (released the year prior and peaking in at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles in 1986.) It was also in the same year James Brown won the lifetime achievement award during the same venue. He was among the first group of performers to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

I have always enjoyed his music from as far back as I can remember, from his powerful "HUH!"s and "HEH!"s to his wild dances, to his stage antics, James Brown will severely be missed.

This year, when you're passing out the presents and rounding up the family for caroling...be sure to "get on up" and give an extra "UH!" to James Brown. He lived like wildfire, only to have his life come to an abrupt end on Christmas day.

James Brown

05-03-1933 - 12-25-2006
10:06 am
I'm beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...
You Are Blitzen

Always in good spirits, you're the reindeer who loves to party down with Santa.

Why You're Naughty: You're always blitzed on Christmas Eve, while flying!

Why You're Nice: You mix up a mean eggnog martini.

Ain't it the truth, ain't it the truth?

Merry Christmas to all, and may your holiday season be groovy, moovy, far out, no doubt, solid gone, right on, outta sight, dynomite, and heavy, heavy, heavy!

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Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
11:43 pm
Happy Birthday, Mom
Today marks the first birthday of my mother's without her being here to celebrate it. To a warm birthday present for a sainted lady, I am playing some of her favorite songs of all time on my show.

Carpenters - Close To You: This song was often played on some of the rarest occasions we would turn off the TV and turn on the stereo. Usually played during spring cleaning days. Whenever the song was played over the car radio, she would always turn up the sound and hum along.

Dick & Dee Dee - Thou Shalt Not Steal: This was not only one of her memorable favorites, but one of mine as well. I would often ask her to play the record whenever she turned on the stereo. She even imitated Dee Dee's voice when she would sing it to me.

Ritchie Valens - Donna: When she went to high school, before Ritchie was even close to recording in a studio, he performed a small concert at a high school my mom went to. Later on when his first album was released, my mom acquired it and took very good care of the record. Before I moved to Maryland, my mom gave me the record, and it now resides among my own record collection just as beautiful of a condition as when I received it.

Johnny Cash - Darlin' Companion: My father's record, of which my mom hung onto after they divorced, and eventually was given to me. This would have been the most commonly played record in the history of our family's household. I recall on some nights, I would be out playing in the front yard during the nights we would have the barbecue grill going on the porch, and the Live At San Quentin album blasting in the living room. We ended up wearing the record out dramatically by the time it was handed over to me. It still plays without a skip, if you can believe that.

Marty Robbins - El Paso: My mom once appeared on stage in her days of a dancer with Marty. She once told me about her experiences working with him when I visited her before her death. Although there were quite a few qualities of the late singer she would have liked to forget about, she did get along rather well with his son, Marty Robbins, Jr.

Johnny Bond - Let It Be Me: Johnny Bond, CEO of the Country Music Hall of Fame and constant regular on Gene Autry's Melody Ranch, Town Hall Party, Tex Ritter's Ranch Party, and Cliffy Stone's variety show. She recalled seeing Johnny Bond perform on stage, and seeing him on the DVDs I had of some old Town Hall Party performances really brought back a lot of fond memories of her past.

Lionel Richie - Hello: Among some of the greatest classics, she also enjoyed some 80s artists. When Lionel Richie released Can't Slow Down in 1983, she knew she had to have the album, and the song that opened her up to the Motown recording artist was "Hello". Seeing how she really enjoyed the music brought a lot of happiness into her life whenever the record was played...time and time again.

I miss you, Mom, and I hope Heaven is every bit of happiness you always dreamed it would be.

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Monday, November 6th, 2006
4:09 pm
Return of the Time Machine Show
The moment everyone's been waiting for. I have my computer back and it took a very long time for me to get it back the way it was before it went haywire, but after four solid days and nights getting everything back the way it needs to be, I'm pleased to announce the return of the Time Machine Show. When is it coming back, you ask? Monday, November 6 during its normal hours: 10:00 PM EST. Tell your friends.
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